Remote Wellness Scanner Setup

Energetic Pet Wellness Remote Scan: Use with MOBILE DEVICE:                                                                           
- The “Energetic Pet Wellness Remote Scanner” EPWRS can be used with phones or tablets via the built in Bluetooth Function.  The EPWRS will be called a device during this instructional guide. This device will be used to scan your pet.

- Download the Energy4Life app from your device’s app store. 

- This can be downloaded to an Android or iPhone phone.

- After charging the device, either with a USB port from a laptop computer or by using a wall charger with the provided cable for a minimum of 5 minutes.

- Gently touch the scanner on the top to switch it on. There is NO mechanical switch that can be found at the side or any part of the device. There will be a “Blue” light signifying the device is ON with a charge.


- Please go to to enter the information needed to setup your account and provide payment.

- For your convenience you can use PayPal, Stripe, Visa, Master Card, iPay, and Google Pay

- Your device will light up with a “Blue” light showing the device is ready.

- At this point you will reach a screen heading: Well-Being Collection and a digital fingerprint with yellow corners will show SCAN at the bottom with a disclosure at the right side. Press the digital fingerprint.

- A notice will come up on your screen: Heading Energy4Life; please read and Click YES if you agree to the terms of use.

- If a blank screen with the (Heading: Energy4Life, back of a woman, arm up in shorts) shows up. 

- This will signify: that your cell phone has not correctly paired with the your device.

- When the screen shows Energy4Life “device disconnected” and OK is shown. Click OK


- Once your scanner is paired, the light will turn “Blue”.

Note: Make sure you do not scan yourself and you scan your pet. 

- The screen may list devices that your cell phone would like to pair with. 

- Pick NES1953. Click this phrase that is printed in green: “Pair Device”.

- Click Scan on the Energy4Life app and pair your device. 

- Just in case your device does not easily pair with your cell phone. You may need to allow the phone to pair with your device.

- To do this go; to your phone’s “Settings”; then go to “Bluetooth”; look for the icon that is a “battery light blue in color, standing on its flat end with two white strips”. Click on this icon; and put the “Bluetooth” ON.

- Please note this especially true for iPhones.

- When the screen shows: “Place your hand on the Device”.  Press the Silver Sensor (silver dot on top of the scanner).

- You will know it is ON, when the light on the scanner will turn “Green” with an accompanied vibration.


- So, take a moment before you Click the “Start Button” on your screen that you are prepared to scan your pet. Press the START button.

- Make sure you place the “Silver Sensor” against the stomach or where there is the least amount of fur.  Wait until the moving rings complete their cycle and the scan will show that it is complete.